Medical and recreational cannabis safety and product review system
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Innovative cannabis product safety labels

Helps new users better prepare for their upcoming experience.
Helps experienced users find exactly the trip they are looking for.

  • Patented CannaCurve visual graphs show expected head and body effects over time.
  • Product specific! Not just generic Blue Dream - but Black Diamond’s Blue Dream Lot #127 from the Nov 15, 2014 harvest.
  • Touch based review system runs on all platforms and devices – no separate apps required.
  • Promotes enlightened use of cannabis and keeps users away from the Danger Zone.
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Many Products Helps retailers

For cannabis producers, brand owners and MMJ dispensaries

LiveLabels takes your product packaging to a new level with flexible and compliant information labels.

  • Auto-generated WA i502 and CO A64 compliant labels.
  • Create your own custom labels with CannaCurves and QR codes.
  • Built in product Gallery and review system for users.
  • Get up and running in minutes, download custom labels on demand.

Simple subscription model

LL Basic LL Silver LL Gold
$4k/mo | $40k/yr
(Up to 20k label scans)
$20k/mo | $200k/yr
(Up to 120k label scans)
$50k/mo | $500k/yr
(Unlimited label scans)
  • Sign up, create product profiles, order labels, download and print
  • Unique QR codes per product, encrypted keys in QR code ensures security
  • Scans shut off after limit is reached
  • Optional printer package with Epson printers with software, ink, toner, and support; pre-cut matching labels for each product size; custom hemp paper
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Driven by the community, always free for users

CannaCurves are created by the community to provide more information on the actual experience of a specific cannabis product.

  • Users scan LiveLabels QR codes, or click LiveLabels links to go to that specific product page in the Gallery.
  • Users can literally draw curves with their finger (or mouse) and then add trip report details for all the products they have tried.
  • We embrace the fact that cannabis experience is highly subjective, and believe that these personal accounts are not only educational but also entertaining.
  • Did those buds wake you up and send you outside for a walk? Share it!
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